With recently Sitefinity Thunder, the Visual Studio extension, being released, I thought it was time for a new approach and an easier way of starting a new Sitefinity project.
So after some dabbling, tweaking and bugs, v1 of the Sitefinity Boilerplate is a fact !

The reason why.

When you are working for an agency or starting different Sitefinity projects often, you find yourself starting up a project with the Sitefinity projectmanager and load it into a Visual Studio solution. And then you copy/paste bits and pieces from former projects… your default masterpage from project x, the reset stylesheet from project y and you have to make sure they’re still up to date with the latest browser hacks, compatibility issues and certainly not mixed with actual previous project information… and that’s where SF-BOILERPLATE will come in!

A clean fresh project isn’t a clean fresh project if you copy/paste it together from various previous projects. To make sure you have to, I’ve started SF-BOILERPLATE, as a Sitefinity optimized, responsive enhanced, starting point based on the best practices of Modernizr and the HTML5Boilerplate project.

The selling points.

  • A Sitefinity optimized port of the HTML5 Boilerplate project.
  • HTML5 ready, with ARIA role definition and fallback browser support through Modernizr.
  • Based on and compatible with the standard Sitefinity lay-out region editor.
  • Cross browser CSS normalizations and vertical rhythm.
  • Responsive design & mobile friendly with Sitefinity column support.
  • The latest jQuery via CDN, with a local fallback.
  • Browser hack and W3C validation breakers singled out.
  • Support for .LESS and/or .CSS.

What's not in the box.

Different from other themes, this is just a ‘boilerplate’ – no widgets are styled, no extra markup is added, no eye-candy and there’s no plethora of templates to chose from.

What's in the box.

A cross-browser (desktop and mobile) normalized, html5 enabled, accessibility enhanced responsive template & theme that adheres to the latest best-practices in web design, weighing only 2.1Kb.

Where to download.

Browse  or  Clone this GitHub Repository. Or simply download the ZIP.

In the we'll look at the structure and mark-up of Sitefinity Boilerplate.