Twitter Cards with Sitefinity

A quick approach on how to take advantage and use the new Twitter Cards with Sitefinity templates for news and blogposts.

Sitefinity & Bootstrap 3.0 How-To

A 10 minute introduction video on how to install and use Sitefinity with Twitter Bootstrap v3.0.0 by using the twbs theme and template

Sitefinity 6 and Twitter Bootstrap

A short video demonstrating the capabilities and compatibility of the Twitter Bootstrap theme with Sitefinity which is part of the Boilerplate project

Caching and compression (2)

Naturally you don't want caching to get in the way while developing and constantly having to resort to app-recycles and clearing of the browser cache...

caching and compression (1)

In a perfect world you aim for everything to be cached, except the actual page content to minimize the download time and speed up a visitors user experience....

Sitefinity Boilerplate DeepDive

A detailed look at all the different elements that make up the Sitefinity Boilerplate project and how to tweak them to easily get you up and running within a few minutes.

Sitefinity Boilerplate

With recently Sitefinity Thunder being released, I thought it was time for a new approach and an easier way of starting a new Sitefinity project...

Finding the Sitefinity turbo-switch

A quick old-fashioned trick on how to dramatically improve local visualstudio development when things are kind of sluggish.